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Tuesday, December 27, 2005 ♥.

what really a tiring today when for an interview at Eunos then turn out interview fail cause the pay was low then turn out we was calling every job we can find on the newspaper sad haha then i got a job good packer(was it this name? don't care) haha male working environment too bad for jia hui and yan ling then when to jurong see Eric playing game lol!! he HAVE REALLY BECOME A MAXIMUM TUNE 2 fan scary i was like seeing the past image of an old frenz of mine=XX scary though he prefer initiate D then maximum tune haha require more skill in initiate D 0.o haha and i rush all the way to causeway point scare to be late then who know that i on time but HE was late..... for whole!!! 25min-.- was sleeping infront of cavana standing and sleep quite impress haha no lar is used le cause everytime take mrt will stand and sleep so now i almost anywhere can sleep=XX sadz and helped him choose 2 clothes and have dinner like this and have a little chat while eating then Allen nearly choked because he was trying to crap lol guess i am not a good frenz he was choking and i was laughing but i got help him lar(after i finish laughing)haha then this conclude my today story haha though was tiring but still was happy haha

May the god of Laughter grant all my FrenZ a Bright Smile everyday and every second......

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Sunday, December 25, 2005 ♥.

hohoho Merry Christmas, so happy christmas today well not really some special programme guessed will go frenz house to celebrate though hope she won't cook up so many dish that the 4 of us cannot finish haha WoW the treat yesterday was fabulous!! actually not really that delicious lar but it been so long that 3 of us sat down and chat for so long but abit paiseh for him to treat us dinner but who care since he have a credit card kns! act lor credit card lol is his father special lend to him for that night only haha so don't care after dining we actually planned to go orchard but when we reach squeeze for 5 to 10min infront of taka then decided change of venue so crowded scary~so we when to Boat quark pub WoW it was still crowded but not that crowded as orchard haha at least we don't need to squeeze through our way haha then I when to frenz house for a drink actually we must thanks his neighbour for not complaining about the sound we make haha nearly consider as noise pollution haha but nvm lar it was 11+ somemore today sunday think they won't mind=XX well guess i really enjoy myself yeserday=XX

Merry Christmas and a happy new year Wish a brand new year all my Frenz will be happy and remain as cheerful as ever and also MY 'O' result could make it to the courses i want!

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Friday, December 23, 2005 ♥.

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FREAKING BORED at home today was playing game though but!!! it was still bored! actually planned to go out today but change of plan changed to monday! nvm i endure!oh and Tml is christmas eve is going out with frenZ since he treating guess i will leech him dried like what he did to me last year=XX lol joking won't leech him dried lar but think will at least 90+ cause in Yi zhong liang jian abit xp haha but still okay lar since he just get his pay=XWish i can get rid of the boredness soon and wish everyone of my frenz to be happy and laugh as much as possbile=XX and finally~Wish ya guys a happy christmas

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005 ♥.

Wow yesterday when to jurong and swim luckily that this time xk did't pang seh us or jy will really go berserk and when to his house and drown him haha sadly yesterday is weekday so jurong not much people this mean not much mei mei also SAD!!see jy that face so depressed haha after swiming miricaly don't know where my energy pop out from we still can go parkway Woo hoo LiFeZ but jy was sleeping all the way in bus haha if i and xk not beside him think he will really overshot 0.o
haha then finally got the gals X'mas present then don't know got right or wrong but think should be correct cause very nice the star de haha

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Monday, December 19, 2005 ♥.

today my father brithday but he have to work today so we celebrate yesterday it was so crowed at my house uncle aunties was invited so it was extremely noisy~got the sound of mahjon,poker tv and radio 0.o can imagince how noisy is it especially me this kind like silence and peace de(*ahem**Ahem* those who know me should know that i was lieing=XX) haha then after Eric and Cun Feng have gone home was really bored so decided to play some poker=XX never relise a capital of $5 can win me $138 haha guess was really lucky oh ya maybe changing new blog skins tml haha if i have the time~

May the god of luck smile upon me^^

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Saturday, December 17, 2005 ♥.

wahaha just as i thought xk aka idoit will pang seh us again thanks to him sentosa trip postpond again but cannot blame him cause he lost his hp k750i seh hold not more then 3 day lost lol pro leh him though it was so sad to him but still must say!you idoit phone also cannot take care next time how to take care of your son or daugther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ermm then turn out today we went to bugis sim lim square then i realise the mp 4 was so expensive there -.- guess now budget must look for cheaper one haha and ji yun was looking for clothes but he did't bring out his sponsorer(mother) so did't buy any haha

when to arcade play time crisis and daytona 3 word to describe ji yun driving skill What KAO WoW haha super skilled scary guess next time want race must find him haha

Today is a day which i don't know i should be happy or sad-.- haha

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Thursday, December 15, 2005 ♥.

changed new blog skins since jia hui say not suitable for me can't believe me spend 3hr on blogging.....and somemore the webby i tune music the email verification has been treat as junk mail no wonder i cannot recieve the mail lol then still scolding the web site slow=XX now quite paiseh feel like digging a hole and hide inside~>_<~ today quite bo liao or else i won't be spending time on blogging le haha maybe i should spend time looking for job instead wasting time here hor-.- this is what my mother alway say guess some of you should also face before 0.o

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 ♥.
finally changed a new skin but everything seem so strange well thanks to jia hui for teaching me haha cause i really noob at blogging if ask me change com part or what techician problem
i can fix in a second but ask me change skin change programme will want my life-.-(am i really want to go to it courses that rewrite programme can i make it-.-)haha enough crapping try

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it been quite a few day since i update my blog cause this few day have been very busy(playing game of course 0.o) haha this few day have been quite a bad day for the 1st time play rpg game keep dieing and go out dropped my handphone and mp 3 on the floor lucky nothing happen or else my heart really ache have been very poor since holiday started so guess have to interview more jobZZZ
SAD that mineral water company tell us that they short alot of people but then still did't call us guess have to start finding another one

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Saturday, December 10, 2005 ♥.

ytd when for an interview at robinson point for a job promoting mineral water and we 9.30am reach the station and reach the robinson point at 11am just nice-.- cause the place was so hard to find somemore is 4 direction idoit looking for it haha but nvm lucky we make it on time cause the interview time is 11am then the supervisor super funny think name is call thomas we go in the room and he was crapping all along haha after interviewing when to suntec city and actually did't shop much but slack most of the time.....oh and feel bad ytd for pang seh a frenz of mine then promise to accompany her this monday well hope nothing would crop up suddenly=XXX as for today a brand new day hope something good to me happen!!!

A new day a new life hope good thing happen today!!!

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Friday, December 09, 2005 ♥.
<<yesterday is such a bad day!!!planned to go to east coast to cycle yesterday but then that bloody idoit(those who meet me should know who) kns pang seh us kns i will make him pay at next saturday by some plot, that idoit make me wake up at 7am chiong to east coast 1/2 way tell me he cannot make it-.- causing me to make a waste tripZZZZ and what even more tiring was i sleep at 4am that day only 3hr nap that day still make me angry i swear he will pay for that~>_<~ ,turn out eric coming to my house we have a good time playing game though ,played metal slug 4 ,dynasty warrior 5 and initiate D and i realise Eric have a good potential in driving skill 0.o tough he keep crashing to wall at least better then me when i 1st start playing haha as for today i going for an interview think is sales promoter(promoting mineral water)0.o hope can get the job if the pay was not bad(talking crap again who don't want a job with good pay)=XXX

HaiZ *~*Wish the God of Luck smile upon me*~*

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 ♥.

wahaha well guess today is a good day to me feeling happy all day long maybe because of yesterday night i have a whole box of ice cream at night haiz i quite easy contented just one box of ice cream i happy untill like what haha.Oooo my ah di is helping me composing a poem hope he get it done soon and i will post it here and share with ya guys and show his talent he might become poet though he don't wish to become one=XXX

everyday the same~*wishing for christmas*~

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 ♥.

still stuck on stupid template wanted to change the background yet unable i follow veno and the instruction guide still cannot change it tell me what is wrong!!!! ok ok i have no one to blame except myself guess i have to really figure it out myself....... and christmas is coming and my pocket is burning a hole though but i still praying christmas faster reach^^ i can't wait till the day of christmas^^

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Sunday, December 04, 2005 ♥.
actually 2nd time making a blog but the old blog was just simply too sux so decided close down and start a new one well hope this one will go well cause not really good at blogging trying it for fun cause thanks to you Veno make me feel like starting a blog haha but well guess i have to post something do i i will try to make an effort to post everyday but i quite an lazy guy so don't expect much=XX thats all for today try to think more to write tommorow~>_<~

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