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Saturday, January 28, 2006 ♥.
it WAS cny eve today lalala happy glad excited whatever lol as long it show that i am happy have our reunion dinner pretty early at 5pm today and end at 8 0.o pretty long lol no lar cause having steamboat can last very long we was crapping and my father gaved me a fish that was only 1/4 cooked give to me and stupid me did't see and eat...... and my father tell me IS it? nvm treat it as sashimi-.-i was ......... very happening hor well guess this is my crappy family~~
oh new year is coming in a few hr time haha can't wait

conclusion:gong xi fa cai! Hong Bao na lai!

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Friday, January 27, 2006 ♥.
this time this time this time!!! is finally really !!!! all over!!!! woo hooo!!!!!!! crying with joy~>_<~
finally done finishing cleaning the whole damm house!!!!wahahaha(going crazy) feel bad today ytd inform everyone change of the date except for yl and jh sad haiZ guess this is my fault~ flu getting worst is this retribution? think so lol sneezing whole day long lost of voice and coughing haiZZ why is this happening just before new year y!!!!! chocolate is getting away from me NO~~~~guess my bro should be happy no one fight chocolate with him this year lol feel bad haiZ guess will think of someway to apologise~~~

conclusion:never open aircon without a blanket or you will surfer flu like me=X

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 ♥.
ok finally finally finally~~~i have done finish my cny shopping spree=XXgot 7 new clothes ,4 long pants and 3 bermudas finally done lol but what was even more happy was that i finally finish the spring cleaning woo hooo now i can go anywhere i want haha no lar now ez link is adult fare exp cannot anyhow go out le all this will increase the rate of money run dry lol lalala i am so happy~~~

conclusion:it will be better if don't need spring cleaning=XX

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Sunday, January 22, 2006 ♥.

today finally get my hair cut before the barber raise the price for chinese new year haha well think change a new hair style but look okay to me only haha i will get the new look of me up soon but don't think will look nice haha don't care lalala today when out with eric and cun feng solving eric problem well i won't say it out.... but it was finally solve lol GRATZ yeah yipee~ bought a bleach neckless it was cool to me at least but heartache costed me $9.90 think i will wear it this friday ric was quite down today though we plan to celebrate his birthday nvm we will change a date bah though we delay so long le=XX oh what even more touching was cun feng sacrifice his $150 ang bao because he will be on leave this friday just to accompany us~>_<~make me feel bad well guess this is the power of frenzship envious leh=XX oh and one more thing feel so bad to wake jia hui up in the middle of her sleep haiZ nvm aready give her morale support when doing her animation my way of apology bah=XXX

conclusion :nothing much really....

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Thursday, January 19, 2006 ♥.
today when to sp and nyp open house and found quite alot interesting thing eg:we was lost in sp-.- looking for food court for 1hr or so lol not that huge lar is just that there is 4 direction idoit walking lol the food there was consider cheap and the serving was large amount imagine the chicken cutlet meal = outside 2 1/2 set wow zy say something funny we will grow fat if we come here study 1 week and everyone agree after eating back to exhibition and the project was WoWoo~ cool and lost another 1hr to find way out we can walk from middle to the most left side wahaha pro leh nvm follow by we go nyp then si pui eh pang seh so only 4 of us when to nyp their media is cool but the buisness courses was...... not really that back was just that abit boring maybe is their guide no lifeZ bah haha forget it oh and see 2 couples quarrel all the way since they meet treating us like die aready nvm have to get use to it soon lol!

conclusion for the day : poly i coming.....

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Monday, January 16, 2006 ♥.
ytd when to seoul garden with cun feng and eric since cun feng is treating us lunch=XX we was cooking eating crapping and stealing each other food 0.o haha and for the 1st time i heard eric complaining full=XX well guess buffect indeed can feed him full haha after that when to cun feng house and he show me a game call Zombie Zone should be a scary game but to me feel nothing and the hero was damm hot to think she was only wearing bikini-.- but if say for horror game i think resident evil will be nicer haha though Zombie zone was more toward onimusha using sword slash slash slash only ~(horror gamer should know what i was talking about haha) and the zombie was pathetically weak 1 slash die le=X at least resident evil require more shooting haha oh and finally cun feng return my comic and anime vcd but it was so damm lot that we have to take a cab home since cun feng paying for it come to think of it ytd expense is mostly cun feng paying feel quite bad guess next time is my turn=XX oh and today i zy and sk was going to republic open house hope that there is lots of funs there sad that xk is unable to make it.... sianZZ

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Saturday, January 14, 2006 ♥.

just as i thought fall into their plot again kns! kana cheated to come out arr
nvm ytd pub fee got someone pao so don't care lol!!oh nearly forget to mention i had the drink in the photo cannot remember call what le but nvm forget it it was smoothing~ simply smooth for the 1st time have wine that was so smooth......and have quite a few cup crapping on lifeZ and after awhile think 10+ we decided to go home but the 2 want a 2nd round and when to allen house and continue lucky i find excuse and run off(hopefully the 2 don't see this post) or else i will end up in his house staying overnight haiZ when home still full of energy last until 1.30am or so then when to bed or should i say because i want to watch that scv show...lol that all for the day oh and we discover a new disease striking singapore ytd!! it was call laugh to yourself(lty)!!! try on the bus or mrt you will sometime find ppl laughing to themself without reason=XXor maybe your frenz have caught it too or even yourself keep a look out lol

the 3 craptser greeting you all=XX

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 ♥.

today we when all the way to the comic connection at toa payoh to interview but who knows that it require age 18 to get the job so sadly the interview has failed and we was sitting in the long john silver at toa payoh entertainment center for nearly 2 hr before we go home 0.o really bo liao hor and discover some secret of Eric today(well its a secret so i cannot write it out here sorry) and we was crapping ,quarreling and suaning for the whole 2 hr but it was also quite nice lar since its a long time since we sit down together and chat haha~

so failed this time! next time i will get A JOB!!

WAHAHA cause failure will only lead to sucess=XXX

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Saturday, January 07, 2006 ♥.

finally we get to go to sentosa today or should i say finally pui eh did't pang seh today haha but it was like raining whole day today and 6 of us are crowding under 1 umbrella that have holes 0.o great just too great and for no reason jia hui was keep putting her leg into muddy water to wash her leg 0.o i and zy was laughing at her haha oh the 3 guys and 1 gal chipped in $18 to get a volleyball and was really having fun seeing someone run away from ball instead of hitting ball back=XX we was like laughing away joking around. at the end we was playing soccer and when jh come up and snatch i only can back face her cannot do any ramming or pushing cause girl mah=X and that stupid XK! injured my leg still dare to say i hurt him kns!!! and today i learn to believe this sentence when 3 of us(zy me and xk) are together , something bond to happen haha

Stopped writing @ 11:03 PM

Friday, January 06, 2006 ♥.

finally get myself a new Hp Heartache~

good progress award only $150 but hp cost me $198 still need ownself fork out $50(plus gst) bleeding heart now but still happy get a new phone ermm oh ya my no. still remain the same so don't need ask me for my new no. haiZ why i so sotong lost hp forget it oh and this coming sat is going to Sentosa hope that si pui eh won't pang seh again but even if he go i and Eric will drown him also lalala~ so he come or don't come still will die its depend on a painful death or a easy death haha well guess life is unable to predict till that day come.......

Wish everyone have a bright smile on their face everyday^^

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Monday, January 02, 2006 ♥.

haiZ i am so damm SAD this few day lost my handphoneZZZ nvm getting new one my good progress award was flying away NVM must spend it any way so i guess i have to delay my mp4 and bear with the old pathetic mp 3 that need some knocking before it can work haha ermm guess this is the chinese saying the old one don't go new one don't come WAHAHAHA guess i still can be laughing at this point of time..... some time i was quite impressed by myself also haha ermm ok enough of the sad news something happy ermmmm wahaha today when to watch a movie with Eric and Cun Feng it been quite long since 3 of us met out after cun feng start working,watched the Chronicle of Narnia: the witch, the lion and the wardrobe the starting was boring but when reaching the climax it was nice actually the whole show i only enjoy the last part of story War time when the Main hero lead the troop to fight against the witches lol and something funny was the phoenix need light up by other people before it can burn haha oh and the show was long around 3hr or so i think nearly leg cramp=X haha

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