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Friday, February 24, 2006 ♥.
this is the 5th day i stuck at home $%$#%#$%#$% cursing and swearing for sun burn ARRRR bored why why sunburn must shed skin instead of just turn red isn't this enough! ok forget it today jia hui come my house do her studio project then think i quite bad disturbing her doing work haha ok 1 sincere apology from me cause her ricesack was really like....potato to me lol!!!
don't care don't care oh this few day was really rotting at home maybe next week i recover i will chiong outside everyday! see 1st bah don't left much money~>_<~

conclusion:shedding skin is not that bad afterall at least it can help save money but it will be just be a "little bit" bored thats all nothing much oh and for all my gloomy frenz i wish that you guys find the answer that you are seeking for....

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Sunday, February 19, 2006 ♥.
today a wonderful day! a perfect weather for swimming when to wild wild wet with zy xk and wk woo hoo we swim we drown each other looking at mei mei(guys will do that) and singing all day long(though only me and wk doing the singing of course only to our group) and it was extremly terrible i believe haha then we saw quite a few hot babes~think zy was abit high lol then from 11am to 4pm wow this 5 hr facing the "perfect" sunlight everyone when home become tomato lol after that we when to tampinese and have kfc an a really heavy meal on there haha but the service was slow! pathetic slow!!! really slow so don't intro go there eat if you belong to don't have patient type de and maybe is our body burning we feel that the aircon is damm hot! lol should be our body burning after eating thought want to go pool but everyone was complaining pain + hot so decided postpond to tuesday lol guess today was great though with the pain haha xk say something that describe himself and i really agree he desribe himself as roasted pig lol and before we going we want take our tomato picture but zy paiseh so too bad did't take sadZ~maybe we will rename our group as the tomato~

conclusion:next time must bring sun lotion if not sun burn is very common and for no reason i was hyper active after swimming very strange......

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Friday, February 17, 2006 ♥.
today go shopping with allen at causeway point awhile from 2pm to around 3+ then reach home at 4+ today i had a super full meal i had maggie noodle then have mc again wow~~tested the fan burger ok lar taste not bad bah abit too salty kns-.- then got a very very cute gal sitting beside us then she accident drop her chilli sauce allen reaction very fast pick up for her then as a polite she say thank you but allen reply is there is no need to thanks me helping a cute gal like you is my pleasure and if you really insist on thanking me then may i have your no. lol typical allen style then she at 1st huh then think awhile then ok lor~ take out foolscape write down her no. then instead give to allen give to me-.- i was huh?? you should give him instead of me bah she say haha nvm share the no. make me paiseh lor i do nothing get gal no. for free=XX then i crap erm ok lor share the no. i take 1st 4 digit you take last 3 okay=XX then everyone was laughing haiZ paiseh leh 1st time kana this kind of situation sad

conclusion:when go out with allen you must be mentally prepare for shyness~~

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 ♥.
lol ytd be my niece tutor and i nearly faint due to loss of blood cause teach her will vomit blood!!!!think loss around 2litre of blood instead of concentrading listern to me hor she will keep sms untill i told her 1 more sms your hp will fly out of window try me with a sinister smiling face=XXXthen she finally stop then teached her math i really lost touch on math 4month not touching it le so math seem like stranger to me lucky i am still able to handle her sec 3 math or else surely kana laugh to death-.- and as for today later going to play pool with eric well super noob on it~~~guess the game result is very clear but you won't know what will happen untill it come to an end

conclusion:money is hard to earn esp blood sweat money(chinese people should know=XX)

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Friday, February 10, 2006 ♥.
i have did it qualify for poly!!! now all left is my course will they accept me!! i sure hope they will cause!they will lost a talented guy(bhb)no lar but i really hope that my courses accept me i surely hope they will....god please bless me ok enough all this crap today i have see alot sad face alot happy face consoling ppl who fail... sharing the joy with ppl who pass
but for no reason i am feeling down maybe because of my bro they cannot make it or sad for my result i don't know the reason..... but i think the most probably is because of my bro i am a very easily contented guy with a just pass~so it wouldn't bother me that much but when seeing those sad faces it make me have a feeling of sorrow i don't know why it just come up from my heart...

conclusion:poly i coming ~~~

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Thursday, February 09, 2006 ♥.
tml is the big day woo hoo...... guess i finally got the chance to see my 6 A1(joking) no matter what happen tml i will survive!!! i will pass!! i will............. i really will......................

conclusion:ngee ann poly prepare to wait for me!!

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Saturday, February 04, 2006 ♥.
0.o as title suggest today when to ngee ann poly open house their open house was quite fun lar~
Zy and I was making fun at ngee ann poly cause they have milo van and shuttle buses so we was making fun of it cause ngee ann open house is after nyp and rp so zy was saying that NP steal rp and nyp milo van and buses!!! lol this was a joke of course~and they inside alot mei mei=XXX then while on shuttle bus to np wei jie make a call home he say wrongly instead np he say nyp everyone turn around i quickly add a sentence of wei jie is np not nyp don't anyhow say ppl turf later we get beat up then i and zy was laughing away don't care them=XX haha oh and i discover eric is getting more and more zi lian keep looking at mirror and take photo of hiomself cun feng and i was suaning him this thursday haha well guess too long did't update alot stuff to crap about oh and next wednesday getting result(most probably) woo hoo i just love the thrill feeling of getting result that very moment of you getting the result!! was just too thrilling=XX

Conclusion Ngee ann poly have quite a few course i interested in maybe my 1st choice will be ngee ann poly instead singapore poly....

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 ♥.
this few day have been going to relative house crapping gambling whatever haha talk alot what happen this year then there is alot interesting thing haha oh and ytd was shopping with allen though some shop is still close sian then we saw a very very very!!! ungentleman the guy slap a gal!!!! with a very loud sound!!! i and allen was shock huh then for that moment i don't know where i find the courage allen and i when forward confronted him! the guy say our buisness outsider don't interfere! and i say a sentence no matter what she do you should'nt have slapped the gal!! this sentence make him diam~ wahaha then the quarrel go on and the gal keep sayiing nvm nvm~~ then allen and i forget it lor just that we don't like see gal being hit lor especially in public maybe my this attitude will land me in trouble 1 day haha oh and jia hui see i so good support your blogskin by using it=XX

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