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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 ♥.
ytd go out with angel and yan ling then 1st meet angel and pei her go rp register after that when to eat and meet yl when reach bedok library saw yan ling and joyce(this spelling? don't care la lol) then i was 1 guy surround by 3 girl very paiseh so must disturb ppl abit to cover my shyness lol so yan ling become my ke lian de victim ok sorry lol cause really disturb her work feeling bad but then quite fun lar the 4 of us was crapping all along and think the gal have their secret guess i should not interfere with that lol so stay quiet and looking out for mei mei haiZ too bad no target well library mah very hard to find lol then after that pei yan ling buy comb all this stuff and when home nothing much happen quite bo liao

conclusion:lol guess i must make life more exciting or else i will be rotting away le~~

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Saturday, March 25, 2006 ♥.
i got laptop le woo hoo~~~~~ so happy but then it was damm exp 1800+ then today need pay school fee and matriculation fee all this spended think a total of 3k+ haiZ see lar nowadays no money also cannot study sianZZZ then after get the laptop done whatever bla bla bla then go swimming with bro too long did't swim my skill like rusty 0.o everytime is soak in water only today too bored try some style then all become rusty lol too bad lor ermm and my pay will arrive at next month sian why so long

conclusion:bored lame sian still feeling happy lol

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Monday, March 20, 2006 ♥.
kana do ot 24hr!!! work day last day le mah 0.o nvm ot pay abit higher lol know alot frenz get their no. take photo doing crap lol alot funny thing happen when doing ot our superman darren say that he want do 36 hr mean sunday morning 9am do till monday 9 am go home sleep 2pm come back help to 2am then turn out 9am to 9 am he is dead beat le lol think the only 2 person super energetic de is me and jocely(should be this spelling) oh ya supper provieded nasi lemak 0.o and xing zhou bee hoon~~~ there is only 1 thing i am sad forget to get cute mei mei no.~>_<~ nvm get most ppl no. see who have have ask them give lalala~~~

conclusion:my pay will get at next month sian

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Saturday, March 18, 2006 ♥.
tml last day woo hoo and get pay lalala singing all day long then our boss say give us 2 option either on sunday work on 9am to monday morning 9am or from 10pm sunday work to 9am monday next morning of course! is 9 am to 9am no lar siao joking depend the pay got extra mah then i decide work which one=XXX haiZ then darren mp 3 corner move to other end no more song for meZZZZZ forget it can concentrade at most crap more with the casher lalala bo liao mah must crap more then 1 of my female colleage is suffering lost her voice then i help her out lor^^ since she quite ke lian lar like force herself helping out then i say nvm nvm can leave to me haha

conclusion:sg expo aircon getting colder and colder everyday guess need to do something about it haiZ

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Sunday, March 12, 2006 ♥.
wow wow today 2nd day of expo life then not too bad at least this is the 1st job i keep yawning all the way-.- not really lar is like morning no customer i yawn all the way then lunch time or night time it was a hell kns! who say singaporean don't like to read! they love it see they buy book is in mass de kns someone even bring luggage hor mai siao siao but i see alot kids face very sad cause alot mother buy what kids hate most(mostly) assignment book wahahaha btw this job is either you bored to death or you get the hell of it as i am the queue control so either no customer for me a allocate or one time 20 to 30+ 0.o know quite alot new frenz lor can communicate well, well to me who i cannot communicate de-.-(lol jk),oh ya the working environment is nice but sometime get abit too cold then cannot wear jacket and i don't have 0.o the supervisor was pretty nice not strict de belong to those funny funny type de 0.o but our big boss will sometime come down heard that he very fierce can sack ppl immediatly see our supervisor those old worker so stress up you will also feel the pressure scary~~~

conclusion:leg breaking but for my laptop i will endure it^^ oh ya i feel so glad that i pri school that time alway get punish standing up 0.o cause now this skill is useful for this job lol!!!

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Thursday, March 09, 2006 ♥.
well well got myself a job at popular in singapore expo wow since sk intro and plus i need get myself a laptop ok i accept it lol it 5 an hr so ok lor average pay and from 9am to 10pm wow see the time i sian 1/2 liaoZ forget it maybe the work environment will be nice lor hoping so lar hor guess hope my supervisor tml won't be a fierce one.....

conclusion:finally start working thanks to the laptop haiZ pay myself bah~

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006 ♥.
start with bad news 1st kns kns kns why RP require a notepad computer it was so freaking "cheap" what liew siao liao if get notepad computer i rather get a normal computer only 900+ i diy better then those $2000+ com ZZZZZ ok forget about the bad thing today when to meet yl haiZ since promised her guess i will go^^ then angel hor nothing to say about her suppose me 11.30am then hor she 1pm then meet me! lucky i reach there yl aready break or else hor i surely bored to death(extremly hate boredness kns kns kns) lol we when to mc chat and eat then i send her to her class ok time to meet angel and zy.While waiting for zy i spend most of the time talking crap and finally zy reach and join us in our crap and we was eating and shopping at gaint discussing which wine we should buy(lol too free nothing to do) end up did't buy exp lar hor after that when to mc again teaching yl poa then her potential is pretty good i just need to explain 2qn the rest she can ans le haha(at least better then my niece) and very soon the lesson end yl need to go work and the 3 of us go play pool while playing we was so high laughing chatting guess we think the whole place belong to ours=XXXoh and today i tyco win zy and angel 0.o really tyco de haha

conclusion:EE stupid computer think need waste money buy leZZZZ and tyco is also a factor contributing to wining 0.o!!!oh ya beisde the com thing today is a very happy day for me cause it been a long time since me and zy get so high 0.o

Stopped writing @ 8:17 PM

Sunday, March 05, 2006 ♥.
finally and finally when out with her today and now i am free woo hoo cause it had been delay for weeks finally today when out with her ermm cause if it keep delay i have to free my slot for her ZZZZ now don't own her any favour le yipee but then come to think of it it was quite fun shopping with her the only sad thing was that today dinner is on me lucky she did't order any expensive food as for why i own her 1 dinner have to thanks 1 turtle-.- kns lol(my frenz will know what i am refering to) oh ya and i have my hair cutted ytd think my new look quite sucky but don't care lar this is me mah must like myself or else who will like me 0.o bhb oh ya this few day i get high easily for no reason watch out for that

conclusion:well well tuesday going out again guess broke is just a matter of time wahaha

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Friday, March 03, 2006 ♥.
wow wow wow posting is out i get into RP courses is buisness computing wow think i will like it haha haiz self consoling no lar jk if i don't like i won't put in 2nd choice le haha today i can see ppl who are sad and ppl who are in joy but no matter what i am glad i am able to make into it but still quite disapointed did't make into buisness informatic in nyp haha forget it guess this is fate fate decide that i will enter rp and i follow the way of fate and it will lead me to a bright future
but hor although i say it this way i believe future is create by own hand not depend on fate!!!

conclusion:RP i am coming!!!!!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006 ♥.
lol ok ok today is a happy and jovial day lol today when to hospital with mother for her monthly check up and the result was healthy that was good to hear^^ and because of the check up i was late meeting faizah sincerly apologise haha well making gal wait is just not my style 0.o so make up for treating her mc flurry=X oh and i win the bet with angel earn myself an apple pie wahaha chat alot while waiting for yl finish her schooling and zy meet us at mc and after that 4 of us when to play pool then that si pui eh so gu liang! hand shed skin cannot come out i and zy also shedding like snake mah forget about it haha then wined 2 round because of their sucide not bad not bad still can win pro i just started pooling think haven exceed 6hr but nvm who care though i still lost most of the match though haha and jh and yl was sitting in a corner looking don't want join us haha too bad they miss the fun after that when to sumo house have our dinner we was chatting happily or so and after that shop awhile and we go home lol then guess this conclude for the day

conclusion:after keeping yourself at home for 1 week nearly 2, going out with frenz you will get extremly more high then usual(well for me is like this though) wahaha
tml the days wish my frenz get into 1st choice !!!!

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 ♥.
today kana pang seh okay forget it just cannot bring myself angry toward a gal=XXXhaiz haha oh since today not going out so agree accompany wee kiat to his yishun ite i spend 2hr there doing nothing except waiting lucky got bring my mp3 with me or else surely bored to death wow the campus was pretty nice seriously hope that he can get into the course aerospace engineering lol oh and think she was busy helping out thats why pang seh since she apologise ok i forgive her(though it does not sound sincere)haha=XXX

conclusion:still going out tml haiz running broke is just a matter of time

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