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Friday, April 28, 2006 ♥.
lalala ok have not blog for a long time long story to tell haha think my presentation skill getting suck and more suck everyday and for eg. i even recite poem today lol(cause some problem cropped up and i end up reciting poem)-.- and monday fac bomb us with qn and we cannot answer lol alot of thing lar but i have to admit my class very fun de everyday so exciting smile and laugh with frenz oh ya as promise today the breakfast team rest cause everyday wake up early just for breakfast tiring leh ermm and can really communicate well with frenz in my class cause crapster mah=Xthink our team is working better and better for each day ya i think so
hope by the end of 1st semester my team is the most rockZ lol

conclusion:RP is so fun and exciting just that everyday presenting is a tiring stuff

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 ♥.
this is 2nd week of poly and life was ok lar crap along sing along and present along~ project project and more project oh ya my breakfast team is getting more and mroe merrier^^ well for 1st week only 3 ppl now we got 7 to 8 ppl in breakfast team le wahahaha guess as time pass by maybe whole class in mc eating breakfast lol thats all for today bah haha

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 ♥.
poly life started since monday it was quite fun lar but 1st day dump me a project and must present by the end of day and everyday like that what by the end of 3 years thing presenting is no kick le too easy actually i don't mind lar is researching all this what super sian ppl noe me well will know that i am a super slacker de=XX and ok lor the only sad thing is the canteen is ownage so many student squeeze 1 freaking canteen! then want have lunch walk all the way to causeway wow so short the journey^^at most back wet wet head sweat sweat only^^ really lar nothing much

conclusion:what i siao liao school started for 3 day and yet i still haven switch it back to studying mode cham liao think must adapt to it soon le

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Friday, April 07, 2006 ♥.
after stuck at home for 1 week(no money to go out) finally today when out with frenz catch a movie ice age 2 is a very funny show you can hear angel and sk laugh veyr loudly de mean how good is this show 0.o and know a new frenz call kelvin very ke lian guy kana disturb by me though 1st met well this is typical irvin style so don't get sad lar hor lol then keep disturb yl and him well getting bo liao must disturb them abit wahaha oh today when to yl house and she take a bath and come out the hair style so nice ask her don't comb she don't believe me~>_<~ at the end she combed haiZZ believe me is really nice~~~ and after movie jia hui come down meet us and she want to eat long john but everyone opposed it and decided to have bk instead and end up she alone eating bk everyone suddenly feel not hungry lol quite bad lar but cannot blame us=XX cause we very democratic de use voting to decide 1 turn out only she eating should not use vote 0.o and at bk we was crapping laughing and kelvin meeting his stead so when off early left me jia hui ,angel ,yl and sk then yl quite ke lian kana disturb by me haha and after eating we when home lor so bo liao hor but i guess everyone enjoy the day 0.o

conclusion:guess disturbing ppl have become my hobbies all frenz be alert lol no matter you go out with me or at msn even sms beware wahaha but i think is because bored at home too long so got abit high today haha okay 1 sincere apologise to yl as she have been my victim of the day haha

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