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Thursday, June 29, 2006 ♥.
Freak stupid wanton mee causes me to allergy eat for 3 years and now eat tell me allergy what the hell is it but i feel really bad today 1st time pang seh a frenz wth lor it seem like after i go poly everything have a 1st time 1st time let a gal wait more then 15min 1st time ps a frenz 1st time do rubbish thing 1st time bla bla bla wth wrong with me nowadays cursing and swearing won't help i guess arr i better do something to make up for it

conclusion:wth wrongs with me ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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Sunday, June 25, 2006 ♥.
today when out with zy and he was complaining my blog was rotting ok ok so guess i will have to update at least a new post 0.o today went to orchard cenileisure watch movie "she is him" or "she was him"? ehhh what is that show name ar? forget le nvm lol who care about the show title is the content that count i feel like the show story was like pretty outdated and common except the girl was chio inside and the guy was yan dao inside nothing much lar and its been sooo long since i last saw zy and xk (abt 1month) then we was slacking in bk talking crap like a 3 uncle chatting without others around lol really enjoy ourself oh and planned to go sakae sushi next time what the student buffect though at week day guess i will find 1 lesson and skip it wahaha~!!!!!!!

conclusion:yeah i finally update my blog and zy you looking happy le mah???? lol~! i really enjoy with you guys thanks bro

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