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Monday, July 31, 2006 ♥.
liew zy you and pecky complain i did't post one cause nothing happen how i post then finally yesterday some funny thing happen went to cf house and we was waiting for yan hao for wholeeee 30min and she say not coming-.- lol nvm lar waiting for gal is a guy honour lol~!!!
and eric arrive at cf house doorstep and 1st sight i see was WAHHHHHHHHHHH eric with black hair impossible man~!!!!!!!! and it was kinda creepy when i and cunfeng say the same thing out at same time as well as is able to predict what he is going to do next lol guess this is what we really call great mind think alike or we are really bro in the past thats y able to have such a great chemistry?haha and also we werelike some uncle(again? y everytime we are like uncle?) saying teachers joke , for eg got once our teacher say what happen if she fall down 1 day, i shout out i will laugh 1st~!!! then go help her up lol somehow ytd i miss my sec school well teacher's day is coming think will go back and crap with cherrrrr~~~~~wahaha

Conclusion:sian ar nothing to do thats y come blog another YYY module again today though he is a nice fac lol well today

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Monday, July 17, 2006 ♥.
yesterday help my daughter(angel) celebrate her birthday and meet up with zy and xk. Oh and i finally see xk galfrenz in person so shy so quiet although ALWAYS very noisy in msn though lol~!!! We went to yoshinoya and have lunch talk crap and we was standing infront of ticket booth thinking getting what time slot for the ticket and was doing rubbish when zy went queueing, watched pirate of the carribean : the dead man chest what kao waste 2 and 1/2 hr watched ending must wait till part 3 then will know which result we have to wait for another 3 years? after jack spiral die i don't feel like watching le leh after movie xk keep asking us for a drink we was wondering y because he want to ps us and left early with his dear 0.o and zy say breezer(lime) tste like medicine and he is not a really good drinker and was sweating although we were in air con room at 1st my face were alright but hor sarah keep making me laugh and end up my face is red also-.- saiiiii~~~and after that went home with zy

Conclusion: happy birthday nu er and bro stop touching me~!!!! and its been long time since i last saw sarah all the best to you tooo and finally wahahahaha waiting for the show part 3-.-3 years more think next show i will watch will be spiderman 3 who want advance booking ~!!

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Saturday, July 08, 2006 ♥.

WENT to EAT sakae with frenz what kao 3 person eat so many plate plus 4 set teriyaki don and 4 chiwanmushi(this spelling? don't care lar) ex leh next time must ask people to sponsor or eat buffet if not hor surely broke and tml going out with frenz againzZZZ think i will have a very poor week and veno was shouting EX EX EX yet he eat the most-.- rubbish leh him

Conclusion:must eat buffet if not will cry don't repeat my mistake~!

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