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Sunday, August 27, 2006 ♥.
hoho is sunday again time to blog this week ar, is a happy and also somehow emo, ok happy thing 1st ,today went to east coast park, hoho no more skating cause no talent in skating so decided to bike, today bike against the wind wow the feeling is cool man ,wahaha maybe i can be the "follower of wind?" haha jk lar cause i don't really enjoy speeding that much must ensure safety, wahaha and also finally is holiday soooo happppyyyyy envious leh, for the emo part is that welll its time for us to change class, well kinda sad leaving this passionate class lol well we planned a party for our class this wed day and can see certain ppl crying well but maybe i tend to be cold blood abit no feeling wahaha but come to think of it is kinda sad

Conclusion: well its time for us to move on no time for sadness it was not like we will not be able to meet again at most 1 phonecall during breakout helloo kiaa come out eat nia mah so easy wahaha thats all for this week wahaha ~!

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Sunday, August 20, 2006 ♥.
haha today is sunday the end of the week time to update let me see what can i say about this week ok i saw those now very fasion those don't know what clover leaf necklace which say will bring luck one hohoho and consider price ok lar maybe get 1 for my nu er birthday hoho and finally today went to make a new spect think the design is ok lar and omg~!! my degree increase by 75 degree see this is what happen if i take care of my eye if i did't take care right maybe 750 degree instead of 75 degree wahaha see must learn from me and ya high light my hair in my aunt salon ytd and omg color did't come out but can see abit under the sun maybe i will remove the color by using other kind of dye bah wahaha maybe i consider choco color bah cause it somehow suits me^^

conclusion:next week is last week of school and we are changing class no~!! i don't want to change class~!!! cause i cannot bear to leave my classmate hohoho but this is the way of life bah i guess everything will change evantually one day^^ SO MUST APPRECIATE THE TIME TO BE TOGETHER~!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 ♥.
nothing to do now so decided to make a post nothing much today ,except morning late for school hoho chey alancia don't care de lol so late lor, wahaha today nothing much lar as usual eat study and play? lol some interesting thought of today is that i suddenly was thinking ,if everything in the world is fading away and you are only allow to keep one thing, what are you going to keep? i chooses my memory as it was an evidence that proved me that i was once alive haha why i suddenly think of this i not sure leh but i belong to strange strange type will sometime have this kind of strange thought suddenly haha


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Sunday, August 13, 2006 ♥.
LOL i love blogging thing that happen a few day agos cause busy mah so cannot blame me wahaha have a basketball match with frenz but everyone was so busy so only 8 guy turn up for it lol enjoy playing sweating though i sux at the game=X haha but who care most impt is enjoy it right and the game was going crazy as time pass by take ball and run, tackle,ramming and hugging 0.o wth man-.- lol more like playing rugby then basketball haha oh ya sam was trying to do stunt he do a long pass from mid field so my other frenz is able to dunk it in(tall hor this suxer) but end up his long pass score instead of dunking in-.-tyco boohoo haha no lar is funny you can see everyone expression speechless.... and at around 4+ the sky was pretty cloudy so we decided end match and go my frenz house take a bath but end up 5 person bath queue for 1hr seh cause got 1 gu liang jk ar styling his hair and we have to wait so long~! lame~! then we go eat chicken rice but don't know is long time never sweat so much reach home hungry again so around 9+ walk to mrt station buy food again and 12+ eat the bread i bought from the mrt station hoho exercise a few hr yet eat so many thing like no exercise leh haha

Conclusion: yeah yeah GG lets play bball again 1 day 0.o but with rule duh

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Thursday, August 10, 2006 ♥.
yeah yeah finally singapore is 41 years old*touched**touched* ,lol sound like a old man did't i wahaha ok ok that was a joke lets get the topic today national day y i did't go out??(rare) lol cause today some frenz come to my house and celebrate playing game talking crap see who the coldest and duh of course i lose cause there is someone stronger then me duh lol and they were complaining how suxky their school is and bla bla bla and i relise rp really slackest of all 0.o no exam only presentation wahaha we have fun though but no matter how fun is it ,evetually it will come to an end and i forget toask them y national day must celebrate at my house?lol don't care wahaha as long have fun the rest doesn't matter isn't it?

Conclusion:tml science module haiZZZ boring but lenn is a good teacher is not that his teaching style is boring is the lesson itself is boring so i guess science(only apply to chem)is boring(this is my own thought for those who love chem paiseh ar lol) ok the end ty for reading~

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Sunday, August 06, 2006 ♥.
now is midnight 3 am nothing to do so decided to blog? wahaha since neighbour today so kind let me online so i guess i will blog~~~ what to write today ermmm oh ya today went to batminton finally~! long time did't go le wahaha and was making fun that jeremy being curse by octopus wahaha as for y don't ask me forget le(stm rocks ok?) and before go home i buy long john with joyce then discover i give joyce the wrong packet omg leh blur and today got project superband final so decided to postpond the trip to next week?(should be bah) wahaha and Lucify lost sadddd~!!!!!!! nvm MLB win wahaha so not that sad after all writing rubbish now lol
Conclusion:sian sleepy~~!!! maybe time for bed niteZ guy

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Thursday, August 03, 2006 ♥.
bla bla bla what to write today? ermm can i say something about a few days ago? duh this is my blog of course i can few day ago went to toapayoh meet Allen and Veno what liew make me rush there after school then hor reach home put bag then saw the bed don't feel like going out aready but in the end still went we went to toapayoh entertainment center wow time crisis 4 is out~!!! spend $3 playing and my skill sux long time never play last time time crisis 3 i 2 token finish the whole game now haiz~~~~and today OMG FAGGOT was freaking irritating ask him keep his laptop shut noisy leh then i slam his laptop into standby modeZZZZ then he attempt to stand by my laptop i stare at him and he back off(should be bah if not why he will stop?) aiya don't care then after lesson kelly come into the class and tell us some thing ... which seem like she going to cry wah for that moment i don't know what to do seh if she cry~~

Conclusion:ok lar kelly....next time i try be more active k??and yeah finally changed new skin this new skin is love at 1st sight don't know y its just suit me alot(as i like to say people emo alot 1)~~

Stopped writing @ 8:24 PM

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