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Sunday, October 29, 2006 ♥.
ermm on ytd 1st roar stupid allen stupid veno grab me force me to drink so many cup and also thanks the other , thanks sam for helping me to shield wine treat u as bro is a correct choice? haha no lar jk all my frenz is my bro ok hoho then end up headache lar thats for sure ok then must wake up early in the morning to go shopping hohoho with joyce yunting and terence quite fun lar want buy wallet end up did't buy cannot find the design i see last time so sad? nvm save money wait till i see nicer one~~~ haha

Conclusion:now heads still hurts roarrr so maybe i will edit tml bah wahaha ty my frenz who attempt to drunk me and ty myself who fail their plot=X and ty sam for shielding wine haha
oh and also need to thanks my nu er jia hui for her blogskins style rite the one and only skins hor

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Friday, October 27, 2006 ♥.
okkkk 1stly start off with happy birthday myself lalala haha maybe is fated bah today 1st song i on in my mp4 is zhou jie lun de zhu wo sheng ri kuai le haha then hor i just relise how easy to cheat me in the morning everyone say doing WS busy bla bla bla thats y so quiet in our mass convo today diao lol then actually they are filling water bag omg then at the end of the day , they throw water bag behind me ofcourse my 1st reaction will be WTH then look back relise is joyce and jesslin speechless lol and ok water war started fun today everyone go back dry except me wet cause they are prepared for it-.- i am not lol ermm then something very shy happen lar won't say it here and also quite touched prepare a chocolate cake haha omg don't know how to react to this reaction so i can only put my head down bah wahhaa then they come my house play mahjon and go home ermm ok lar FUN today haha the next birthday boy or girl becareful le?

Conclusion: ty those who organise it ^^ ty for the present and of course i need to thanks steph also ty for ur gift and really enjoy the day haha

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Sunday, October 15, 2006 ♥.
CRAZY NITE CRAZY CLASS and CRAZY JOYCE wahaha today atmosphere was great everyone so high lucky the table beside us is empty if not sure find us irritating~! ok ok for people don;t know is that today went steam boat with W14C old class then hor everyone so high take photo here and there , lizard crawl here and there , then dog fly here and there lol don't need explain just see also know is crazy le ok lar VERY HIGH now so HIGH untill don't know what to say wahaha

Conclusion: all so high tonite calling each other names , throwing dog around , taking photos ok everyone look forward to next class outing lar ~!!!

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Sunday, October 01, 2006 ♥.
WHATTTT its been so LONG since i update WAHAHA ok lar i will make it short~!! ok sorry starting with a cold joke OK too many thing to say 1stly start with OMG WE CHANGED CLASS but nvm lar new class new start sad ok start with my class 1st day although all like abit shy abit quiet but as time pass by they got noisy? lol~! and anything else to update ermmm got got got YES finally YTD went to eat swensen with joyce and hanyi but then because night need go eat Buffect with family so sian lar need rush home sad nvm nvm we will find chance soon while eating we are saying alot of disgusting thing liew buai tong leh will faint LOL ok lar don't know this few week we are especially hardcore in badminton haha tired lar ok lar i very lazy to blog one this is a few major event happen in my life this few week~!

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