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Sunday, November 19, 2006 ♥.

ROAR long long long since i last blog ok start with HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEN HUI~~~hohoho ok lar is nov 24 but since we celebrate on friday can wish le lol
last week went swimming with bro zy and xk 0.o see3 of us don't know act wah? sia lan simi lol of course we are the 3 most arrogant de wahaha from the photo cannot see 3 ofus become red hor not very well taken but nvm lar asusual in the end sun burn ZZZ wahaha then pui eh say he cannot distinguish the raw meat and his hand the next day aiyo y never deep fried his hand sun bian=XXX JK don't scold me ar , then friday celebrate wen hui birthday lalala we was playing poker card jesslin teach us a new game call fruit gme end up become vulgur game? LOL very high leh this game a good way to vent all ur stress and fustration~!! everyone so high then saw someone as innocent as me(sure mah? haha jk lar) keep scolding vulgurities haii next time i won't use nick name so easy de le=X then ytd went out buy present end up i got myself a necklace also sun bian sun bian

Conclusion : what so long did't blog once blog 3 of us sia lan face appear and also wish wen hui happy birthday and next time will bring sun tan lotion along when go swimming and thats the end of my story

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006 ♥.

today ar ok lar quite fun and interesting haha changed new faci aiya not FS sad if tio him can say what u again ar then no one pei me take bus home sad lehh nvm used to it then on bus suddenly M***L this name keep flashing on my mind remembering the day with her whatever ,after so long i still cannot forget her meh? won't bah but haii don't know lar suddenly feel so down lucky got lameo(veno) talk cold joke with me see who coldest haha aiya irvin = 打不死的蟑螂 = unkillable coachroaches very fast recover one haha but no reason y i think of her getting more and more emotional nowadays? haha don't think so , don't care lar just want to live a happy life

Conclusion:have i really forgotten abt her? 3 years sound long but not long.... a feeling that cannot be discribed is gushing out ROARRR bad but don't worry i will be smiling tml u guys know me well sad or happy will be smiling~!

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Sunday, November 05, 2006 ♥.
Roar is sunday again time to blog sian but before i start my post of the week i wish jesslin Happy birthday 0.o ok is belated now cause her birthday is ytd lol 0.o start with ermm ermm ermm too many interesting thing happen thats y nothing to say now? no lar ermm ok start with friday we helped jesslin celebrate her brithday cause sat she busy mah haiyo busy girl cannot blame lar hor cause ur birthday fang guo ni haha alot of thing happen a few eg.siao char boh getting chased , cake nearly get burnt? wahaha next time use relighting candle must be careful cause forever won't go off then cake nearly get burnt seh phew~~oh and i got a new WALLET lalala happy happy happy~!!!!

Conclusion: ok ultra summarise everything again cause everyone know my style one blog don't like long winded keep saying detail out so haiyo happy birthday to jesslin again the next birthday is coming soon clue = W** H** hoho and happy i got a new wallet lalalala

Stopped writing @ 11:18 PM

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