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Sunday, December 31, 2006 ♥.
LOL new year eve today i just noe that u have to leave me 1 day haii good bye 2006 and farewell forever ~!!! ok ok since new year eve do a summarise on this year ok like what i do last year and also this is the last post of 2006.. haha, this year started my poly life 0.o glad is enjoyable and make new frenz throughout the poly, regret choosing rp sometime but glad i get to know W14c and W34B, 0.o contridicting haha nvm. Overall still good lor this year ehhh too sudden don't know how to summarise also forget it lar hor , this year although got lesser chance to meet bros but our relation still as like in sec school bros forever ok haha this year as usual still no gf nvm got frenz jiu hao le. This year finally i don't have to wake up at 5am to go to school, wahaha can sleep late de feeling hao hao don't have to HEAR DM nag nag nag "IRVIN LATE AGAIN" haii and also not sleeping as much in class le not hearing teacher say "IRVIN WAKE UP~!" 0.o kinda miss this 2 sentence without them nagging haha human is cheap de when get scolding u feel them irritating but now don't have u will kind of miss them lol so ok let see my wish for 2007 bah.

Wish for 2007:
still as happy as ever
still as stressfree as ever
still can pass test without studying
still smile as much as i could
frenz is happy(impt)
GET a NEW ps 2(very impt)
allowance increase~!!!(hyper impt)

see my wish so little so hope god will grant me my wish ok cause jesus say believe and u will be save so i conclude i believe and i will get my wish wahaha

Conclusion: ok i hope this post just nice post at 11.59 and lets us enjoy the last min of 2006 cause it is farewell forever to 2006 le wahaha and everything will go wells this year not only to me also to the ppl i know,this is the last post of 2006 memorable leh...cause u won't get to read this post from irvin at 2006 le haha lets moveon to 2007


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Monday, December 25, 2006 ♥.
hohoho merry christmas do i sound like i am a santa? haha nvm forget it its beeennnnn soooooo sooooo sooooo long since i last update y? because u know irvin style LAZY! ok christmas updating, updating let me see ok ,1stly i am a sotong mixed up the date i keep thought that sat is eve and sunday is christmas and let monday be an ordinary day(predicted sat and sun will have to spend alot of money and indeed we spend alot) ,ok ytd eve and went out with frenz eat, crap and drink hey thats wht we always do rite oh and everywhere is crowded beside human is still human-.- duh? lol want to eat also xin ku ZZZ. haha count down at veno house(y his house? simple because his house got all liquor stock up don't waste since he can't finish might as well we help him rite wahhaa) oh ya we went to quite a few places before that take down all sort of christmas tree ok when i get the photo i will update it here(ps: if i rmb) and night 2+ take a cab home wtf lar so exp midnight charge double total $28+ kns next time must becareful for ppl taking cab at night(must find ppl share)~!! well too bad for me then who ask me stay further from the others=XX and today the BIG DAY what was i doing?(are u expecting something exciting meaningful from me this year also? ans is NOP) like i say mixed up the date so spend whole day sleeping lalala so lazy to type any longer cause once again LAZY maybe got more intersting thing i will update bah wahaha pls stay tune for mre info

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