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Tuesday, March 20, 2007 ♥.
its BEENNNNN 3 years oops i mean 3 month since i updateee waaaa after new year no post liao ok ok stop the crap 2007 1st post will be on YTD Clementi TRIP WAS full of crap learn from joyce i seperate it into 3 part

starting TAXI part

cause everyone not sure the address so we decided to follow wen hui de cab but hor our cab taxi driver VERY fierce and vulgur keep scolding bastard idiot de what , then i say softly to joyce and wei bao in hokkien what he can try more chou abit lol then finally we get the address from wen hui then the taxi driver like went crazy go very fast lol but i quite enjoy the fast feeling=X then went wen hui taxi driver over shot us(goes wrong way) that taxi driver straight say SEE that bastard go wrong way le ZZZ LOL when he say this i laugh till peng lar but hor end up wen hui cab is the cheapest although go wrong way he still dare take that extra 2 dollar meh if u r him?

Buffect part

buffect when we arrive there the door is close lar so i and li yee walk infront want see what the notice there write ewhen we go near li yee say aiyo HAVEN open wo kuai er si le that moment the door open straight~!! li yee super paiseh haha then we pay and went in lor the food there hai hao like that time wee kiat me and forget got who go de tampinese safra one around same standard except they got more food haha when come to an end still got alot cheese cake cannot finish lar so we decided to play zhong ji mi ma then i think swayest ytd is pecky as she tio twice in a row i also tio once ZZ then they keep playing untill jesslin tio lol

Pool part

ytd play pool starting all very enthu when play like 1hr every1 started to have no power including me then the most interesting part of here is play 1/2 way BLACK OUT for around 3 to 4 min WEE no refund CMI waste my time


WHATTTT li yee say something very classic the taxi driver CMI ,the pool shop CMI the people(jesslin) staying there CMI clementi CMI lol when she say this everyone laugh lar cause this is really classic 0.o and true

and hor i plan to update tonight 1 but joyce so fierce so come update now roarrr since i come blog aready sun bian want say a few sentence. Congrat ZY making into rp sonic art WEE congrat bro from this year on we are schoolmate le

Stopped writing @ 7:29 PM

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