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Tuesday, April 10, 2007 ♥.
YAWN chalet~!!! most tired thing in life cause cannot sleep de mah will have fun till morning wahaha tell the true hor i don't have much memory about ytd nite except for playing poker and still poker wahaha uncle ben come at 3 0.o quite late but better then those who cannot make it haha saw vernice long time no see wor then she start a fire with oonly 3 starter *clap**clap* for her , and the rest hor only sit there and eat , then wei bao and terence most hardworking in BBQ i will sometime help lar but hor quite lazy can slack jiu slack le y trouble ownself .

ok lar while near morning 1 by 1 ko off haha pecky hor super funny using body language do the post of wen hui say go out and shoot the bird down ~~~~ that action very funny lar those who are awake will laugh non stop man~~~ very cute action by pecky lol pity the most is da jie she 5min get wake up once by pecky and late evening she still need go work 0.o ke lian de da jie
haha jocelyn pay $7 for 1 chicken wing and throw 1 top and bottom away haha ke lian nvm lar quite alot of happening leh weee

Conclusion: play whole night of poker and i win 2 dollar wahaha not bad not bad ,then hor haiii morning step out of the chalet the sun is 2 word to describe only DAMM hot make me pek chek lar head pain due to lack of sleep ZZZ sucks lar y singapore weather cannot be abit cooler ZZZ but since something good happen on bus so i will forget it wahaha.
lazy to blog le and 5 more day till school reopen ZZZ

Stopped writing @ 10:46 PM

Wednesday, April 04, 2007 ♥.
WEEE AFTERR forget how long time to write again since i got quite alot of things to say about so decided come make a post

START with sunday BBQ with W34B WEEEE the food was great the price was even awesome 1person $20 exp man~!(those who came know whose faultZZZ) but nvm worth it since everyone enjoy themself that day we played dare who ever lose in the game frog jump tong super confusing lar will have to do a dare Melvin lost the 1st round his dare was go the the next bbq and bow lol~!!! he very on lose le straight go without any drag lar, samuel another 1 he most zai his dare is if next passer cyclist or blader pass by if is girl he will have to say can u be my GF , if is gy he have to say can u be my gay partner~~~ LOL he damm on go straight and a aunty 30+ 1 pass by ignore him and continue cycle 0.o zai wor fun lar and i learn some magic trick from ryan and han keat wahaha cool wor next time use to xian mei mei wahaha jk just learn for fun ok ^^that night reuben came late but better then those who say came but end up last min ps de ZZZ
KNS stupid 853 got pass by so many area such as patong pasir , geylang serangoon all those crap place 1hr 30min bus trip lar on the bus ryan was singing hokkien version jay song damm funny buai tong whole bus fill with his sound lucky not much ppl if not 0.o think he don't dare sing also
and reach home nearly 2am next day still got sentosa weee zai hor

Sentosa trip wahaha
this time is outing with class w14c omg if reach 3rd years does this mean i got 6 class outing??omgg noooooo haha who cares enjoy can le SENTOSA reluctant to climb up seh sleep at 4am wake up at 9am want sms da jie 1 tell her the day before BBQ eat too much uncooked food(thanks to samuel) food poisoning cnanot go de but hor i rmb i promise da jie even super tired also will go so hao bah lets chu fa to sentosa~!! WEEEE reach there 1st thing is get ourself a volley ball(cheaper at sentosa dont go vivo buy scam money de) doesnt use much anyway lol except for monkey ? whose the monkey me lar and terence 0.o wahaha then jeremy went 1/2 a day and left~~cause meeting GF whattt congratz wor
everybody suntan except li yee 0.o but end up everybody sunburn instead~!! wahaha except da jie and wei bao this 2 healthly ^^ not like me sunburn omgggg sway lehhh when pecky help me apply lotion that time she keep complaining my body very the hot lar(temperature ar don't think other place) haha bo bian sun burn is like that de so haiii, at night jesslin come meet us for dinner at vivo we went to thai express lar~~ cause no buffect there sad vivo so big also use to bai mei only don't have pratical stuff lol and we got a mystery guest YITING~~~haha surprise leh who will expect she come with jesslin haha ok lar the thai express food not bad but hor i call the honey chicken set only 4 pieces of chicken they can try pathetic abit? LOL nvm delicious ~~~ at night reach home cook maggie mee again cause irvin mah eat alot 1 but into alot meal wahaha

conclusion: pls bring sunblock and sun tan for beach outing if not u will end up like me sunburn weeee congratz wor enjoy both day thanks W14c and W34B

Stopped writing @ 12:16 AM

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