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Saturday, June 23, 2007 ♥.

ok as promise vin is here to post again lol blogging about sakura with w14c and alot sotong stuff, ytd early morning very sotong le li yee sms me say she will be late end up i thought joyce is late so i msg back li yee joyce will be late 0.o then wahaha make a big mistake lor nvm when waiting for bus i suddenly realise i forget bring wallet so fster call joyce ask her get down bus and pei me go home take haha super paiseh lor=X sway sotong hoho

also HENG from 5 person outing to 10 person outing and what on the way to mrt station u see everyone keep psychoing li yee haha and finally she buai tahan our persuation pek chek and give in lol , as usual reach there of course is EAT LAR , then everyone busy eating except pecky and da jie passing show end up i also open mine omggg get potc 3 from da jielar haven watch maybe later haha

see we eat quite alot hor the food on the table zzz wth by blogging this i am hungry again ZZZ

of course go sakura how can we forget da jie fav salmon

ding~!! da jie FAV salmon hohoho look delicious hor getting hungry~~~

wahaha enough using food tempting u all , after eat full omggg lar playing zhong ji mi ma and i am the sway sheng+ sway sotong of the day lar lose most de and girls hor beside pecky everyone did't tio this prove pecky also quite sway haha ok okwe decided take cab home after eating we let da jie and pecky they all take the 1st cab and end up we wait 30min for the cab to come omg man is clementi cab really that little? and hor all bullying me the sway sheng because i sway thats y no cab haha jk^^, ok lar reach my house 1st suddenly no reason mahjon come into our mind and all on lar then we play mahjon till about 2am 0.o late hor and finally can rest lor aiyo haha next time we play overnight mahjon ok^^ awaiting~~

Stopped writing @ 10:57 PM

Friday, June 08, 2007 ♥.
da jie fierce ask me write blogg haooo bahhhh let see , what alot thing to write leh nvm other day find time to write so basically today update on ytd bah priority lol ermmm let me see
ok 1stly i make a big mistake ytd i tought i have to work but end up is on friday nice wor nvm can sleep later, then end up i plan go with joyce and wei bao to habour front 0.o so qiao da jie take same train with us wahaha 0.o and saw pecky and jess from afar but hor 2 of them very cool walk on their own ignore us think angry we are late bah wahaha

ok we went to buy alot food only me and joyce bought the rest bought pop corn only haha , aiya watch movie how can irvin without his old chang kee 0.o haha ok lar , then go to cinema buy drink and realise ESTHER is working there long time didt see le no long so ah lian le wor shhhh if anyone reading don't tell her haha ,and we watched shrek3 ok lar not bad compare to shrek 1 and shrek 2 still as interesting as ever, the shrek baby so cute ,after movie what seh vivo so sian beside shoppin like nothing to do le so we decided go town lor wee reach town walkkk a very "nice" distant to party world but what the price so nice zai lets go to k pool mah and walk another very "nice" distant haha ok ytd play a few matchbet on rojak, fried olyster but end up everyone forget? haha nvm next time maybe

finally after pool went for dinner that japanese fast food at cenileisure forget the name but is not yoshinoya haha whatever it call quite nice lar the food except that strawberry cheesecake i buy but it sux lor i get con by the aunty $1.30 still tell me very nice bang the wall never believe in what the assistant told u hor haha , and ok happy dinnering after dinner what should we do leh go home bah since no programme aready , then i sleep happily all the way till yishun and i woke up cause someone smack my leg , ermm should be either joyce or wei bao bah haha don't care lucky did't miss my stop hurhur

conclusion: what seh just blog 1 day i write so many le i think i need blog mre liao if not i blog mass thing in 1 post i think i will end up crying instead haha da jieee saw i blog le

Stopped writing @ 1:46 AM

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