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Thursday, July 12, 2007 ♥.

yes yes i am blogging start my photo with those delicious ice cream WAHAHA zai hor tempting enough trying hard to tempt u all leh still cannot ? ok ok how about this

haha ok is stupid wu gui de birthday today so we planned so long to sabo joyce cause we know she will guard us on the main day , so we plan it on tuesday well everything go wells so we have 2 pathetic victim here=X like this.....

covered with flour hohoho

some funny incident during the atk is that suehley attempt to spray water on pecky and pecky very instincally AND WHACK~! the cake on suehley face poor suehley beside flour still got some other side incredient=X haha try harder next time hopefully no next time cause decided that this is the last round 0.o WAHAHA
ok we also prepare birthday card for both suehley and joyce and it was so cute man and everyone request joyce to laminate it 0.o want to see how cute?

book belong to suehley and bear belong to joyce and we feel that we give the bear to the wrong owner?HAHA jk haha zai hor

ok lar so many nice thing to say but i don't know what to say also so decided don't say=Xlet the photo speak for me

zzz this photo is don't know when ku ku pecky take de tou pai me and li yee thinking of don't know what to write that time see so sad haha need think what to write to scold that ben dan wugui ROAR~~~

wish joyce an happy 19th and i will end my post with 2 group photo on 2 different day here

Stopped writing @ 9:48 PM

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