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Saturday, September 01, 2007 ♥.
back to blog blog blog ,ready to blog , ermm i will make the 1st post which is Teacher's day post, like irvin said he is not back to see teacher but eat WEEE, what after so long our canteen food still so delicious haha y rp food so sian ZZZ, although got more choices then BG but seriously all mine teacher almost 70% has left lor, cause teacher tht teach our class will vomit blood 1 WAHAHA michelle tan is on leave ZZZ ok since she on leave no other teacher i must see le ZZZ sian diao strangely did't saw DM shouting maybe he on leave also? ok good no pulling of ear this year then LOL , saw that zhuang mei li lao shi ( act beautiful teacher) don't doubt thats her name what seh didt realise she so popular still got student treat her eat.

HOHO went to market 85 at night go bedok did't eat there before de ren is not called went there~! eat ba chew mee still as cheap as ever $2 a bowl only is rare to find ok , then must eat satay chicken wing lar all those etc, too bad irvin forget tke phto down talk talk talk glad to see my 2 nu er , lao po, bro wk , ok too long didt hang out with them ea t eat eat chat chat chat about life, chat about ghost story ,chat about everything haii long did't see mah of course we from 7pm eat and chat till 11pm and went to take some photo for irvin blog.

hohoho group photo funshot everyone squeezeing together

bro tking photo together(kns take the photo before we are ready)

see lar throw somemore shoes now need wear back LOL

hohoho violent kid slapping me ZZZ

ok gals turn lao po accompany by 2 nu er

y is lao po doing my signature handsign haha

ok i shall end it with a family photo YAWNNNN all in white except me is black lol nvm happy
Conclusion: next year not going bck to school le cause i think all teacher has left after all we are sec 5B the infamous and notorious class no ppl can stand teaching de LOL , ok lets hang out again if got chance WEEE

Stopped writing @ 10:51 PM

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