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Wednesday, October 31, 2007 ♥.

1 week after my birthday ermmm and i started blogging cause just got mood plus ahh ruu de psychoing then haoo bah blog jiu blog also because the video so slow haven send me finally recieve le thanks to ahh yeoo the effciency=X haha jk lar don't angry this time i will split into 2 part now is the 1st part which is celebration with w66b

EEYER they bluff me say class gathering end up is celebration wor=XXX haha thanks all for attenting, ok this time not much photo cause next day got class so did't go lao di fang sit sit so not much photo, waited for @men and yj till 6pm kns make me wait i hate waiting, cause is wasting the limited amount of time in mortal but since is frenz forget it lar hor=X,meet le go where? SWENSEN cause ice cream is part of my life man(like alot of thing is part of

my life leh lol, what there is alot of ppl lar wait outside for almost an hr and see yeo is so bored untill tou pai wo haha jk jk

see no matter how many time u see still as shuai as ever(ahh ruu better not be reading this sentence if not that patient faint again)

i don't know when they go order the birthday ice cream(forget the name)de lor then so sudden the ice cream appear diao haha ok lar thanks man for u guys de effort and try so hard to bluff me ~~~ want to have a look of the ice cream?

Cool rite 1 person finish when i am already damm full so hao bah is their thought stomach burst also must finish, got touch dao? lol

then after this they throw fisherman frenz into the ice cream and ask me use mouth bite it out diao is like the fisherman frenz is endless de lar too bad they film down these process in video and they only accept 100 mb so too big to upload here toooo baddd cannot show u guys haha lucky my class is friendly compare to w14c ermmmmmm u will see what happen at part 2 of my blog

Conclusion: what so many ppl help me celebrate happy ok thanks to ahh yeoo, ahh ruu, ahh qun,ahh niee,ahh steph, jw,yj,yuan fa,@men for that day although is late le but still wish to say it to you all thanks alot ^^ especially ahh niee she chiong cab here that day(who ask her pong school so bad) so like that lor thanks alot look forward to part 2 which is with w14c that 1 is ermmm a more disatrous 1 i guess but is still fun as usual end it with group photo

the end to be continue....

Stopped writing @ 10:48 PM

Sunday, October 07, 2007 ♥.
zzz<< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">ahhh ruuuu who ask her send me photo so late nearly 1 week le lor haha ok lar jk ah ruuu don't scold me ok =X well today blog because of @men birthday well i am a bad informer i believe i inform everyone le lor end up they told me i did't inform them so sad see but nvm its still an success anyway of course lar got irvin there where got failed event 1 =X ok we went to sakae sushi 3rd time this month ~>_<~ faint ok ok since is not bad i don't mind keep go there 1 lol we eat and eat and the girls eat 1/2 go down buy cake for @men our birthday boy lar and this is how the cake look like

small rite? ok lar is the thought that count hor so is filled with our heart inside~>_<~ and guys table is all mess up man oops i mean gals =XXX(are they really gals)

SEE really mess up rite wahahagals are scaryyyy

see guys table so neat and clean=X( actually guys table is like monster swipe through this is after clearing the 5th or 6th time already gal table not even once=X)
haha ok just for joke ok we are guy mah tend to be messier
and after eating seriously the gal are on photo spree keep taking photo scaryyy haha ok too many photo to show u all lor so i decided show some cool 1

hohoho the mess that we eat scary but is all very nice got tempt dao ni men mah?

this is the elite 6 in w66b shuai hor of course got me in there(peiru is going to faint if she reading this)

hohoho the 5 babes of w666b(can i say don't include peiru) jk don't scold me ok
haha after taking the photo in sakae the gal are still on their photo spree scaryyy how many time i say scaryyy today so we decided go to lao di fang sit down and chat and photo time

2 crazy gal jumping=X

jing wei don't eat my leg knssss

lol 3 of us trying to kiss who?

what is yj and me doing and who is grabbing my hand scaryyy nan dao this is legendary de phantom photo?????
haha ok ok enough crap today so i shall end it with class photo^^
lol nice photo rite of course every photo have me mah=X
Conclusion:slow de peiru next time send me earlier then i can blog more thing now i forget everything le see photo and blog 1 lol sorry lar jk thanks to peiru de photo contribution thats y i got so many photo in my blog wee love w66b and gang ^^ byee alll cya again soon

Stopped writing @ 9:14 PM

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