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Wednesday, December 10, 2008 ♥.
haha i am back to blogging weeee into tennis into badminton into running wow i actually can be sporty again haha 3min fever remember there is time 3 bros was basket balling every day, running every week, badminton at least twice a week haha but everytime dont last long but i guess this time is different ba got the sec school feel, actually main reason of blogging here this time is actually don't know just feel like blogging voicing out some thought as u know i am not a good sharer but a good lsitener and no 1 is viewing this blog so i guess i can just say out something in my heart, i don't know dating you out is getting harder, you are getting further , am i not putting in effort or are you just can't be bother i don't know maybe i am just not givin in efforts,your smile everytime seems to be a little bitter behind, you might not say but i could feel,is relation so hard for u and u wish for a singleidealism life how could i pull u out from that world, i hope u could give me a little time and give me a little of your hearts i could may wonder in ur lifes. at least i believe i could do so
CHEER UP VIN YOU COULD DO IT this is what i believe in and will fulfill it!

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