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Saturday, February 28, 2009 ♥.
Prom Prom Prom PHEW finally update thanks to someone keep chasing me to update hao baaa a promise is a promise WOW for this prom i still specially go cut my hair with jt in the afternoon prepare everything to the best purpose is to STUN the prom night haha guess i did't actually do it,aiyaya so many things to update i am so clueless from where to start.

The prom was so much fun lar though the MC for the night is abit cold, rmb i need thanks june for calling out my name on stage and ended up i get pulled to the stage haii playing some fighting game? WONG FEI HONG AH WONG FEI HONG LEE XIAO LONG AR LEE XIAO LONG TOM YUM GONG AR TOM YUM GONG , LAME i totally don't know the rule lar then i can hear dreamers is cheering especially loud. i think cynthia got the photo i will upload it later on

haha The prom all the dreamers is dazzling lar , especially we have a mr white horse ,haha my princess is especially 漂亮 , queen is especially 美丽 and affair is especially 活泼 and jiamin is especially 可爱 i guess cant find other word le lar.

When the lucky draw is over WOW nobody care about who is the prom king and queen lar all is busy taking photo , having their own fun, me and JT still go all the way to the kitchen collecting white roses to give it to our princess and queen haha they are sooooo xin fu with the roses and balloon with give them hahaha=X

after that we went to top 1 sing k and the dry ice so lousy use finish still won't refill for us lousyyyy, yin min is indeed my daughter cause we spill the water together HAHA okie lar sing till morning and finally home sweet home~~

All the girls

ALL the Guys~


The king and the Princess

The King and the Queen

The Brightest Smile^^

Stopped writing @ 12:01 AM

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